What is Vector Artwork?

Vector artwork is made up of parts and is in an open editable format. Working with vectors allows us to manipulate the artwork as required for branding purposes. We can change colours, stretch or scale the artwork and make changes as requested. Without vectors we would be unable to make these changes.

Certain branding processes, like pad printing, screen printing, debossing and laser engraving require vector artwork and we cannot brand without it.

For example a full colour logo and be changed to a one colour logo while maintaining the logo design and size.
And in screen printing, where multiple screens are required for each color, the colours can be separated without loosing the logo design as size. Without vector artwork, we will not be able to manipulate the artwork.

Acceptable vector formats are Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Free Hand and PDF. For ease of emailing and viewing, saved the image to PDF.

Jpeg, gif, png, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Adobe Photoshop are not acceptable formats.

Vector vs Non Vector

Vector vs Pixels

Non vector artwork is made up of pixels, each a different colour and arranged to display an image. Pixels do not retain their appearance as size increases or decreased.

For this reason, when you enlarge a photograph or image it becomes blurry.

Non Vector artwork cannot be manipulated or changes in any way.

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