Screen Print or Embroidery? Which one do I choose?

When adding logos and other designs to clothing, screen printing and embroidery are the two most popular options. They are both great forms of branding, but choosing which one needs careful consideration.

There are many aspects involved in to both screen printing and embroidery that they need to be executed by a professional. For purposes of not overwhelming you with too many technical details, I have highlighted a few key differences below:

Screen printing uses ink that is either water based or oil based. Depending on the design, you can use 1 screen for a 1 colour logo or as much as 7 screens for logos that have up to 7 colours in their design. As a result, the set-up costs can be quite pricey but the actual cost of the print can be fairly in expensive.

Artwork must be provided in Vector PDF format (see previous blog on ‘What is Vector?’).

Screen printing is ideally done onto thinner garments, like t-shirts and drawstring bags for example.

Embroidery generally uses polyester or rayon threads. Depending on the machine, you can have up to 9 colours. The set-up cost is lower than screen printing normally but the pricing per item can vary based on the size of the logo being embroidered.

Artwork can be supplied in almost any format also vector pdf is preferred.

Embroidery is ideally done on heavier garments, like golf shirts and caps for example.

So, which one?
Before deciding which process to choose, take a look at your logo. Some logos are better designed for embroidery and some better designed for screen printing. You can also think about the final look you are expecting.

If you really can’t decide, ask for samples to be made up. Sometimes it is easier to make a decision when you see a tangible example!

Disclaimer: Photos used in this blog are photos of actual jobs done for Be Inspired Branding clients using local service providers.

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